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QE2's 40th Anniversary Voyage 2007

15 - 23 September 2007. A wonderful voyage to have experienced with great receptions in all the ports of call - Southampton, Newcastle, South Queensferry [Edinburgh], Greenock [Clydebank/Glasgow], Liverpool, Southampton.
Throughout we were given keepsakes, commemorative newspapers from the ports and the menus each night [with a folder to keep them in] which are to keep forevermore.
For video clips see

Newcastle; North Shields - 16/17 Sep 2007
Even though late due to the weather QE2 received a wonderful welcom. She departed 100 years to the day MAURETANIA sailed down the Tyne.
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South Queensferry [Edinburgh] - 18 September 2007
Good weather and any ship looks lovely with the scenery around; A few passing vessels.
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Greenock [Glasgow] - 20 Sep 2007
20 Sept 2007 - 40 years to the day of QE2's Launch at John Brown's Shipyard - hear the 40 sec blast & Capt Ian McNaught's speech prior to departure. Titan Clydebank, Red Arrows over QE2.
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Liverpool - 21 Sep 2007
To mark Cunard's long association with the City of Liverpool, QE2 today flew the White Star Line House Flag.
The new Liverpool Cruise terminal was officially opened & all passengers who wished attended a Celebration Concert at Liverpool Cathedral. 21 Sept - 2007
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QE2 Decks 15 - 23 September 2007
Around QE2's outside Deck areas. Boat Deck & Fwd Sun Deck being the 'Promenade', One Deck, Sun Deck, Upper Deck and views of mast, funnel and stern decks. More views can be found in the Port of Call albums 15 - 23 September 2007
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QE2 Interiors 15 - 23 September 2007
Otherwise pre-occupied on this trip I was not able to wander about photographing everything. Most items can however can be viewed in my albums from 2003 on my own 'Hertiage Trail' at with better descriptions. Direct link to photos
Here there are photos in small numbers of Cabin 3080, Lido, Grand Lounge, Caronia Restaurant, Queens Room decked out for the 40th Anniversary Celebrations, Theatre, Grand Lounge, Spa, Chart Room, a few Art Works, displays and hallways, 3 of the models, fax to HM Queen Elizabeth II
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Southampton Departure - 15 Sep 2007
Sep 15, 2007

A glorious evening in Southampton saw us depart aboard QE2 for her 40th Anniversary Voyage at 17:00 with Firetugs spraying both fore and aft. Crowds cheered and there was quite a flotilla of small boats and yachts.

Sea Princess & Oceana followed us down the Solent into the 'dog-leg' off Cowes 15 Sept 2007
Movie clip

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Off Scarborough, Jimmy Savile, CORONIA, REGAL LADY - 16 Sep 2007
Sep 16, 2007

Sir Jimmy Savile boarding QE2 from fishing trawler CJ LEWIS
Scarborough excursion vessels & other boats came to view QE2 during the sailpast of Scarborough 16 Sep 2007
ADVENTURER - Wavescene Marine
RNLI D-515 Spirit of the RCT
A few photos of Redcar Steelworks and tankers in the distance
Movie clip Jimmy Saville boarding QE2

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Back In Southampton - 23 Sep 2007
Sep 23, 2007

A few photos of the vessels in port at 08:15 on the day of our return - 23 Sep 2007

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QE2 Bridge Cam Grabs 15 - 23 Sep 2007

A number of Bridge Cam grabs from QE2 during our voyage 15 - 23 September 2007

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QM2 Passes QE2 - 22 Sep 2007
Sep 22, 2007

At 23:20 QM2 and QE2 passsed each other in the English Channel. The photos are not worthy of viewing by anyone else, it was too windy to hold the camera, but it was fun to be there and hear the exchange of whistles - 22 September 2007
Poor movie clip, nice whistles though

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