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Sports Deck 12 & Sunrise Deck 13 [Fwd & Aft Areas]

Sunrise Deck 13 fwd surrounds the Mast & is the 'Jogging Track'. Although there are sun loungers here too it is a small area and the only forward facing open deck viewing spot. Deck 13 fwd has no wheelchair access.

Sunrise Deck 13 aft was stripped of decking and the bare metal had only been painted over in a very small area. The Golf Simulator is off here. Although there was a sign saying 'Wheelchair Access Point' on Deck 12 below, there didn't appear to be a way up.

Sports Deck 12 surrounds the Pool Area below; is mainly used for sunbathing, and contains The Mast Bar, with entrance to the Teens Center & Video Arcade fwd port, Hemisphere Lounge fwd stb.

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