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Bastia, Corsica 23 July 2008

Excursion across the mountains from Bastia to Saint Florent
Traditional Singing & Dancing at the ferry terminal and exchange of inaugural call gifts between the Port Authority and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.
Views of arrival at Bastia & around the city

Bastia, Corsica - Early Morning
Jul 23, 2008

Bastia in the sunrise as we arrive 06:00 - 06:40 July 23, 2008

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Bastia to Saint Florent & Back
Jul 23, 2008

D82 across the Mountains & D81 back via wine tasting at Louis Montemagni, Patrimonio [one of a view vineyards run by females, 2 sisters who carried on the business after their father passed on 5? years ago. Some spectacular scenery. Most of the photos are taken from within the coach, except for during a couple of stops & in St Florent.

Description of tour:-
"Taking its name from the thick mist that sweeps over the region, the Nebbio has for centuries been one of the most fertile parts of the island. Formerly called ‘Conca d’Oro’ (golden shell), it is now reputed for its fine wines from Patrimonio.
On leaving the pier, a panoramic drive will offer magnificent views of St Florent’s Gulf & the Patrimonio’s vineyards on one side, & the Thyrrhenian Sea & Biguglia’s Pond on the other. As we approach St Florent, we will drive along the Biguglia Etang – the largest lake in Corsica – to the San Stefano Pass and through Oletta with its multi-coloured houses. For centuries St Florent was a small traditional village, but when a marine was built in 1971 the village prospered into a port of call for yachts and has been nicknamed the ‘St Tropez of Corsica’. On arrival we will be given some free time to stroll through the narrow streets, bordered by cafés and souvenir shops. Our tour continues in the direction of the mountainous Patrimonio region, reputed to be the best location for wines in Corsica. There have been vineyards in Corsica for over 2,500 years, although the continuous threat of invasion has meant that these were neglected until recent times. We will have an opportunity to stop at a local cellar for a wine-tasting experience."
See Video Clip

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Bastia Reception
Jul 23, 2008

On the occasion of BRAEMAR'S inaugural call at Bastia, a reception was held outside the Ferry Terminal for all passengers. Local delicacies & Corsican wine & beer were aplenty & we were treated to an excellent display of traditional Corsican singing & dancing before the customary gift swap between the Port Officials & BRAEMAR Officers, Captain Trond Lippestad & Hotel Manager Hans Van Welzen. For Video clips see:-
Presentation -
Singing -

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Bastia, Corsica
Jul 23, 2008

Only a handful of photos taken whilst wandering around the city; mainly of CASABIANCA'S conning tower
[Pte ]

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