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Marquee Deck 8 - ms BRAEMAR 2008

Grampian Restaurant - Observatory

Grampian Restaurant - ms BRAEMAR
Jul 20, 2008

Fitted on Marquee Deck 8 aft during BRAEMAR's 2008 refit, the Grampian Restaurant is a lovely dining room, especially when one has a table for 2 [26] in the alcove aft with nothing in the way of glorious wake views. Entrance to starboard & Buffet serving area to port. The only drawback was that it became somewhat warm and uncomfortable when the sun had been shining through the windows all day. A bit more A/C would not go amiss and perhaps some blinds on the lovely huge round windows each side.
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Observatory - ms BRAEMAR
Jul 15, 2008

Great views & lovely to sit in here during the day or enjoy a pre-dinner drink. It did however at times suffer from a lack of A/C, but hopefully that has been sorted out.
Please see the sample Daily Times for the various activities which take place here

Movie - View from Observatory as we roll slightly 15 July 2008

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