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Marquee Deck 11 - Balmoral

Observatory Lounge, Marquee Bar

Marquee Bar - Balmoral
Feb 16, 2008

Abaft the Observatory Lounge on Marquee Deck this bar serves the Marquee Pool area midships. Outside there is a nice seating area with hand woven wicker type chairs and tables [Dedon]. Weather permitting it is open 10:30 until 18:30 also serving morning coffee & afternoon tea with cakes/sandwiches & a light grill service

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Observatory Lounge - Balmoral
Feb 16, 2008

One cannot help but compare this lounge to those aboard Black Watch and Boudicca. Balmoral's is unfortunately a bit of a misnomer; observation is minimal. Forward one can only 'enjoy' the wide, & dirty, expanse of the roof of the Fitness Centre below [the bow is completely out of view] & to the sides, a bit further back, although there is more clearance, balconies are below & it's the fwd view one really wants! Stick the treadmills up here please.

Numerous Daily Quizzes take place here, the Collective Quiz, Afternoon Quiz & 'Quiz Specials' - Valentine Quiz, Outburst – fun quiz, Chocolate Quiz.. if you like a Quiz you won't go short.

Bar from 11am, Lunchtime Melodies, Piano Classics & Musical Melodies during the evenings followed by then Nightclub with DJ until whenever.

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