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QUEEN VICTORIA's Decks - 17 to 19 October 2012

Around QUEEN VICTORIA's Promenade and Upper Decks 17 - 19 October 2012 and at night.

QUEEN VICTORIA's Promenade Day & Night - 18 Oct 2012
Oct 18, 2012

A walk around QUEEN VICTORIA's Promenade [Deck 3] at night and a few photos during the day time while alongside at Zeebrugge - 18 October 2012

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QUEEN VICTORIA's Upper Decks, Pavilion & Lido Pools, Day & Night - Oct 2012
Oct 18, 2012

QUEEN VICTORIA's upper deck areas during the day & at night. The Lido Pool, 2 Jacuzzis, including Fincantieri's Builder's Plaque, Deck 9 and around Deck 10. The giant Chess 'Sputnik' above Hemispheres, Mast, Pavilion Pool & Bar, The Terrace, 'QUEEN VICTORIA' lit [early morning - the 'U' was out] and the Lido Pool. Unfortunately her funnel was not lit up.
The Games Deck forward on Deck 11 is sheltered by glass screens from the wind. Paddle Tennis, Deck Quoits & Shuffleboard. Stairs to fwd port lead down to the Commodore Club.
The Pavilion Pool area is below on Deck 9 between the Royal Spa and Winter Garden. 2 Jacuzzis and pool which some were using even in the cool weather. Table Tennis Tables are located near the Royal Spa/Beauty Salon entrance, fwd port. Royal Spa & Fitness Centre were not visited - October 2012
For the Grills Terraces, Deck 11 and 12 , please see

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QUEEN VICTORIA, Grill Guest Deck Areas, Funnel - Oct 2012
Oct 18, 2012

The outdoor deck for Grill Guests only. Up from Deck 10 port midships to The Terrace, Deck 11 in front of the Grills Lounge has a number of chairs, tables and loungers. On up to Deck 12 and The Grills Terrace and 3 sides of the funnel [not the aft area]. In the centre one can look down on the sheltered Courtyard between the two Grill Restaurants [Princess Grill to stb and Queens Grill to port, only exterior photos] - October 2012

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