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Dining Aboard QUEEN ELIZABETH Jan 2012

Britannia Restaurant - Britannia Club
The Lido - Garden Lounge
The Verandah

The Verandah, QUEEN ELIZABETH - Jan 2012
Jan 15, 2012

The Verandah, Deck 2 to port off the Grand Lobby, is an à la carte restaurant open for lunch and dinner most days. The name is taken from the dining venues on the original QUEEN MARY & QUEEN ELIZABETH and the circus scene paintings are adaptations of Doris Zinkeisen's mural from the Queen Mary Verandah Grill. Sculptures by Haziza and a number of original RMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and Cunard menus surround the room - 15 January 2012

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Britannia Restaurant, QUEEN ELIZABETH - Jan 2012
Jan 11, 2012

The main dining room aboard QUEEN ELIZABETH, The Britannia Restaurant, spanning Decks 2 & 3 aft. Great views from Deck 2, but of course across the promenade from deck 3. A lovely room with the levels linked by a double staircase in the centre of which is a huge crystal chandelier.
The central focus is a large Art Déco geometric work of marble, bronze and glass by Javier Santurtún. Lots of polished wood and mirrors. Plenty of space and tables for 2 to 8 - January 2012
Open for Breakfast, Lunch and 2 set sittings for Dinner 18:00 & 20:30. At lunch you are asked if you mind sharing and if not are led off in groups to whichever is the next available table.

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Britannia Club, QUEEN ELIZABETH - Jan 2012
Jan 15, 2012

A small dining area stb on Deck 2 fwd of the main Britannia Restaurant, with single-seating dining for those passengers in AA category cabins [staterooms] at a time of their choosing [during opening hours] - January 2012
There are glass urns either side of the entrance doors with a marble floor, more sand blasted back lit panels.

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Britannia Restaurant Food & Menus, QUEEN ELIZABETH - Jan 2012
Jan 11, 2012

The food was well presented and tasty in the main. Sufficient choices - note: Crème Brulée seems to be a favourite of the chefs, appearing in different flavours 3 nights out of 4 ;) Our waiters were very good as was the sommelier. The cheese was plated, but a nice variety. There wasn't a fruit plate on the menu. Petit Fours were served with coffee every evening; some were delicious, others tasteless gelatine lumps. We ate here every night bar the last when alongside in New York, but goodbyes and presentation of the menus were the last night at sea. The chefs also paraded around the restaurant - January 2012

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Lido Restaurant, QUEEN ELIZABETH - Jan 2012
Jan 12, 2012

Aft on Deck 9 is the Lido Restaurant - the buffet. Open 24 hours and in the evening the stb aft section doubles as an alternative extra tariff $10 restaurant the theme of which varies, Pan-Asian, Indian or Mexican. There are various framed pictures on the walls and in the tiles in the serving areas of "Life aboard in the Golden Age of Cruising" from Maurizio Eliseo and artworks by Istvan Bernath [from Princess Cruises ].

There are 3 main serving areas and 3 coffee stations [it can sometimes be a hunt the working coffee machine scenario]. To aft the area 'pinches' which is unfortunately where 2 of the serving stations are [either side] leaving a single narrow passageway through tables. At breakfast and lunch it becomes impossible to find anywhere to sit and you can wait a long while. It became necessary to find a table before getting one's food otherwise you hung around with a tray forevermore. Part of this problem [at lunch anyway] is due to those people [as on QM2] taking up residence for the day along the windows, reading and in one case playing scrabble! On one occasion we did over hear the officers talking about what they should do about it. [Move those people obviously not eating :)] For breakfast use room service, great, and arrives on time :) For lunch go to the Britannia Restaurant if you don't mind sharing a table with others and you may need to queue at busy times when everyone walks out of a talk and wants to eat.
The food itself in the Lido was standard buffet fare and fine, plenty of fruit and salad. Self-serve ice cream machines too with cones. In the evenings there was a different theme each night. A waffle/pancake station, pizza/pasta station, eggs etc.. English and American bacon [most important :)]. The juice was over sweet, but good coffee from grounds, not liquid stuff - January 2012
The first 2 days of sailing it was under 'norovirus control' with all food/coffee served to you and fruit etc plated. This was a bit of a pain but judging by some of the manhandling of rolls & tongs etc by some passengers once this was relaxed, it was no doubt a good thing.

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Garden Lounge, QUEEN ELIZABETH - Jan 2012
Jan 12, 2012

The Garden Lounge aboard QUEEN ELIZABETH is a 'conservatory' with bar forward of the Lido Restaurant & aft of the Pavilion Pool on Deck 9. Various murals of Kew Gardens by Carlos Ozzimo - January 2012
One corner, with a tea/coffee urn, was roped off for full World Voyage passengers. This was usually full, yet the rest of the room empty spacious. [note:- those passengers doing a world voyage but swapping to QUEEN MARY 2 in Sydney, were not invited in to this area].
Garden Lounge at night video clip at

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