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Ports of Call

Muscat, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi & Bahrain

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Port Maps Provided by Costa

These are basically useless as give no no idea of distance. What appears to be a 5 or 10 minute walk is actually miles!

Please click on "Get Original Uploaded Photo" for a more legible version.

We had a pre-cruise stay in Dubai when I purchased [for 15 Dirhams each, £2] the Explorer Mini-Map for Abu Dhabi and Muscat.. glad I did after seeing the cruiseline 'efforts'. Dubai maps can be picked up from any hotel and there's a good, very detailed .pdf online at
or use the Big Bus Tour map

In all ports, on the dock, there was a cultural or heritage display, dance, music etc [Arabian sweets/pastries were offered in Bahrain] . All were very welcoming. No street vendor hassling.

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Dec 26, 2006

We took the port provided shuttle bus into the city and wandered about. I did not take any photos! Slacking:( So for an idea of the city please see
Here are merely a few photos taken from aboard Costa Classica, of the city in the distance, the port area and the back-drop of the Al Hajar Mountains.. Not what you are probably looking for.
Also pictures of the port and shoreline as we sail away.

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Port Information Provided by Costa
Dec 23, 2006
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Abu Dhabi - Into the City & Back
Dec 27, 2006

On the road from Port Zayed aboard the shuttle bus to the Khalidiya Centre [Paris Gallery], a few photos of the Corniche while wandering about and the return trip. A number of pictures have the window reflection in them.

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Abu Dhabi 4x4 in the Desert
Dec 27, 2006

A jeep tour to the Al Khatim Desert and the biggest sand dunes in the world. Up to 300m high and constantly shifting.
Most of this tour was recorded by a camcorder. Some images are from Howard's camera and the rest are stills from the camcorder [lower quality & smaller].
Over and sliding down the Dunes
From the port to the desert and off road over the dunes

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Manama, Bahrain
Dec 28, 2006

We took the shuttle bus [€5 per person] into Manama. Drop off at the Main Post Office in the city; this is convenient for all the souks.
Most photos are taken from the coach with filthy windows, so some reflections. A sand storm blew up, so visibility, especially on the way back to port, was very poor. On disembarking we were offered very tasty Arabian pastries.. do try some if you get a chance. An interesting mix of old and new buildings, not the construction site of the UAE, although there are new high rises going up.

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