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Lounge Deck 7 - Balmoral

Palms Café, Morning Light Pub, Internet Room, Library/Reading Room, Card Room, Braemar Lounge, Boutiques, Neptune lounge

Neptune Lounge - Balmoral
Feb 17, 2008

The Neptune Lounge fwd on Lounge deck 7 is the main entertainment and cabaret venue. Also used for Concerts, Passenger Events, Port Talks, Lectures from Guest Speakers, Captain's Welcome & Farewell Cocktail Parties, Oceans Club Get-togethers, Dancing, Music and 2 Performances of the Main Show each evening.

Amongst the entertainers/lecturers on our trip were Arts Club – Comedy Speakers Vincent Powell & Don Reid, Commander Jeff Tall OBE RN “The Mechanical Whale” & “U – Boats in WWI”, Anthony Cooke “Let’s Get Away From It All” a light-hearted history of cruising “The Great Liners”, Bill Martin [Hit song writer] “Golden Age of Musicals”, Virtuoso Violinist Greg Scott, Variety Entertainer – Tufty Gordon, Dain Cordean, Stacey Wylde & You – Chiung Lin. Quite a selection for everyone.

Then there is the Grand Tea Dance

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Neptune Lounge, Bar Area - Balmoral
Feb 16, 2008

The port entrance to the Neptune Lounge [Show Lounge fwd - Lounge deck 7] is the bar area, after passing a 'Peacock'? in a cage with fibre optic feathers surrounded by mirrors! On the walls of the bar hang 3 large pictures of Fred. Olsen Figureheads from previous vessels. Bataan 1947 [Ørnulf Bast], Bolette/Bollsta 1951 [see pool area on Braemar] and the third?.

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Library & Internet Room - Lounge Deck 7
Feb 15, 2008

Balmoral's Library/Reading/Writing Room & Internet Room [along with the Card Room & Braemar Lounge] occupy the areas of the Crown Club & Crown Club Casino on Norwegian Crown, midships to port. Lovely rooms & again with many paintings and pictures lining the walls.
The Library is in the same 'circular' layout with compass on the floor as onboard Black Watch & Boudicca, with different colourings. In the centre of the Library is a large model of the C? Norwegian Warship ??? Books are available 24hrs, with a fair selection of foreign language ones too. CDs & DVDs are available for loan between 16:00 – 17:00 each day.

The Internet Room has 17 terminals [no wi-fi] but the cost is prohibitive. Access is by one's key card & charges accrue by the amount downloaded, not by time. So if you access a webpage with a continuously downloading banner or similar, the charges increase constantly. Merely logging onto my email cost £1.22.. with nothing looking urgent I logged off quickly. A tablemate spent over £9 replying to a single email, only for a 404 on 'send'. He was refunded. I heard no end of people complaining about the cost.

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Palms Café - Lounge Deck 7
Feb 15, 2007

The Palms Café [light & informal meals; alternative dining] located aft on Lounge Deck 7. A pleasant room with a central buffet area; 2 lines. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served here, the meals sometimes being themed eg we had Italian one evening & a Neptune Seafood Buffet one lunchtime. Self service tea & coffee is available 06:30 - 01:00 Afternoon Tea & Late Night Snacks, 23:30 - 24:30 [A Fish & Chip 'special' was one Late Night Snack].

Tables are pre-laid with placemats, cutlery, napkins, glasses etc no need to carry these about and drinks served at the table. The aft section contains a bar with seating both inside and out, open to the main pool area. A Steel Drummer played here in the evenings. Selection of America’s Cup photos adorn the walls.

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Midships Hallway - Lounge Deck 7
Feb 15, 2008

Between the Morning Light Pub and Library to port - lined with yet more interesting pieces of art, Erling Enger images on the aft bulkhead with a fantastic Suchi* piece, Bombay 2006, flanked by 2 Bhairavi Modi pieces fwd. This area is used for playing Carpet Bowls and Golf Putting Competitions!


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Braemar Lounge & Upper Level Atrium with Boutiques - Balmoral
Feb 15, 2008

Lounge Deck 7 to stb. The Braemar Lounge is really an extension to the upper level Atrium with seating & acts as a walk through to the Morning Light Pub & then Palms Café. The Library, Card/Internet Rooms are to port. No bar, but there is waiter service. Live music too at times.

The Atrium area is very bright with chrome & glass reflecting everywhere. 2 Boutiques. One containing jewelery & watches etc, the other clothes, souvenirs & sundries. See separate album for the model of Balmoral

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Morning Light Pub - Lounge Deck 7
Feb 15, 2007

The Morning Light Pub, named after Fred. Olsen's largest sailing ship, is located midships on Lounge Deck 7 between the Palms Café & Library. Extending the full width of Balmoral, there is a single entrance to aft, with the bar to starboard & entrance either side fwd.

The focal point is a model of the 1891 built "Morning Light". The Pub is full of pictures of previous Olsen vessels & panels between the benched alcoves are decorated with yet more.

The bar is open from 11:00 to 01:00 with live music at lunchtime & throughout the evening. The pub is also used as a hospitality meeting point for singles get-togethers; find someone to go ashore with etc; Masons & Service Club Meetings are also held here.

This is situated in the new mid section & I found the room lacked atmosphere, almost 'cold' during the day & early evening. Due to the layout of the furniture people tended to sit all around the edges forming a square, staring across the room at each other, not using the stools, thereby making social conversation awkward. A bit of shifting of furniture could do the trick & I am sure this will become a favourite watering hole. Maybe a few of the daily quizzes should be held here, rather than all in the Observatory Lounge.

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Card Room - Lounge Deck 7

Balmoral's Card Room, midships to port, is somewhere else packed with Olsen ship pictures! Bridge & Whist, Beginners & Improvers Classes, Duplicate Bridge & Rubber/Chicago, Card & Board Games, take your pick. Plenty of tables, but it was at times packed!

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