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Balmoral Feb 2008

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines' ms Balmoral

Miscellaneous Photos
Dover Departure Fireworks, Cruise Documentation, Balmoral Postcards, A Coruña [La Coruña, Corunna], The Atlantis Spa Treatments & Prices
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Balmoral Exterior Photos
[See below for the tell tale signs of Balmoral's stretch ]
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Balmoral Interior Photos
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Other Ships Spotted on this Trip
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Balmoral Arrives in The Solent
Feb 4, 2008

Just a selection of web-cam grabs as she sails up the Solent for the first time

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Checking in @ Dover Cruise Terminal Two

Balmoral alongside at Dover from the drop-off zone, inside the terminal, and views through the dirty gangway glass as boarding
Watch the video clip of the Entertainment within the Cruise Terminal

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Tell Tale Signs of the 30m Stretch
Feb 13, 2008

Asides from the vertical weld and offset horizontal panels [expected], note the recessed twin portholes, slightly thicker 'supports' in the picture windows and that all the windows are not quite aligned [This is so slight it is not obvious to anyone not looking for it]

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